StabiliTrak – What is a Stability Control System?

Jim Salerno would like to inform our drivers about a feature that most new Buick GMC vehicles now have. This technology serves as an active safety feature measure that is standard on new vehicles.

What is StabiliTrak?
Stability Control System [StabiliTrak] assists drivers to maintain vehicle control in sudden maneuvers. These instances usually happen when a vehicle is driving in low-traction conditions or inclimate weather, emergency lane changes and when a driver is trying to avoid an unexpected complication.

Stability Control SystemStability Control uses a digital steering angle sensor to measure how the driver wants to turn and a sold-state yaw rate sensor to measure the rate in which the vehicle is turning. The system compares the difference between the direction the driver is steering with the way the actual vehicle is turning.

If the system determines the vehicle is not responding in the correct direction of the driver’s steering force – Stability Control reduces engine torque and applies precise amounts of pressure to the individual front brakes to slow the car and help the driver bring it back to the intended path.

This feature is implicated all within seconds before a driver would even have time to react to the situation or loss of control that has happened. This function along with other Buick GMC functions such as Proactive Roll Avoidance, Electronic Trailer Sway Control and Hill Start Assist offers driver’s safety in bad road or driving conditions to improve vehicle stability.

Jim Salerno Buick GMC would like to express the importance of safety features when purchasing a new vehicle. It is important to understand how StabiliTrak and other Buick GMC Safety Systems function and how they help to keep you safe while on the road in your Buick or GMC in NJ! For more information about vehicle safety and our current safety features on Buick GMC models for sale at Jim Salerno visit our dealership located on Route 10 in Randolph, NJ.

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