Front & Rear Park Assist System – Buick Park Assist Video

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2013 Buick Encore available front and rear park assist system is designed to help drivers park and avoid obstacles. The parking assist system operates at speeds with less then 5mph and uses ultrasonic systems to detect objects in front of and behind the vehicle.

When the system detects an object it provides an Audible Alert by beeping through the speakers.

The Front & Rear Assist Alerts include:

  • Low Toned Beeps from the Rear Speakers: Object within 8 ft
  • High-Toned Beeps from the Front Speakers:  Object in front of the vehicle up to 4 ft away
  • Faster Beeps when Closer to Object:  Speed increases
  • Continuous Beeping Tone from speakers when less then 12″ from the object

After the vehicle is shifted out of reverse the rear sensors turn off.  However, the front sensors remain on until the vehicle remains a speed of 5mph. You can use the ON/OFF Button and manually turn on the front sensors when needed such as when parking in a head on spot you can turn.  The system automatically restarts to on when the car is put in reverse or restarted.

To prevent false alerts turn toe system its advised to turn the system off while using automatic car washes or while moving in neutral. Parking assist system sensors also need to be clean for the system to work properly.

The Buick Front and Rear Park Assist System is designed to detect only objects that are in range of the sensors. The system will not be able to detect objects below the bumper or too close or far within distance. The Buick Rear Park Assist system will also not detect people or animals.

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